Cramp Bark (Viburnum opulus) Liquid Extract Tincture

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Cramp Bark (Viburnum opulus) is a species of flowering plant native to Europe, northern Africa and central Asia. It is also known as guelder-rose, water elder, cramp bark, snowball tree and European cranberrybush.The term cramp bark is related to the properties of the bark’s ability to reduce smooth muscle tightness. It is called cramp bark as relieving this type of muscle tightness is most often associated with relieving women’s menstrual (period) cramps or general muscle cramping.

Native American Indian tribes used cramp bark as a means of alleviating muscle cramps, spasms and pains, they taught the use of the herb to the European settlers and by the 19th century crampbark was being used by the America Eclectic doctors to treat cases of treat mumps and swollen glands.1:5 Alcohol Volume 25%. Take 10 – 15 drops 2 x daily.


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