Gourmet Salt Jar – Flor de Sal 60g

Gourmet Salt Jar – Flor de Sal 60g

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‘Flor de Sal’, or literally translated – ‘the flower of salt’.

Flor de Sal is collected in the Portuguese salt gardens where the River Ria Formosa meets Tavira in the Algarve. It crystallizes into a very fine layer on top of the salt pans. The delicious crystals can only form on hot days, when there is no wind at all. The result is a pure white salt that is completely natural, rich in minerals and free of all additives, chemicals etc.

Flor de Sal is an excellent and unique finishing salt, and works best when accompanying asparagus, tomato, and potato dishes. Alternatively, why keep a small bowl tableside for sprinkling during dinner?

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