Gourmet Salt Jar Kalahari Desert 100g

Gourmet Salt Jar Kalahari Desert 100g

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The rich aromatic taste of Kalahari Desert Salt enhances the taste of the ingredients and turns your meal into a divine delicacy. Use as a finishing salt on salads and snow peas (mangetout). Delightful in chili, curries and couscous. 100g.

Kalahari Desert Salt comes from a remote picturesque setting in the heart of the Kalahari Desert, where three fresh water streams converge on an underground stratum, millions of years old, containing sodium chloride crystals of pure salt untouched by man. As these streams run through and over this ancient rock formation, the salt is dissolved and flows into a protected pristine underground brine lake and thereafter is gently dried by the sun.
Kalahari Desert Salt remains pure and unprocessed and still contains the minerals and trace elements that are so essential to our health and well- being. It remains as pure and natural as nature intended.

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