Jungle Pepper (whole white peppercorns) 50g

Jungle Pepper (whole white peppercorns) 50g

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Grown in the remote mountain region of Kerala, where you will still find wild elephants, tigers and buffaloes, this organic, jungle pepper offers a sensational taste experience, and an amazing aroma. This pepper is so pure that the Indian Ayurveda doctors use it as a natural remedy.

White pepper comes from the fully ripened berries. After soaking to remove the outer husk, the peppercorns are then spread out to dry in the sun. Ground white peppercorns go especially well in sauces, with eggs, and even in mashed potatoes

The crop yield is low in these traditional varieties The cultivation is about 1000m altitude and is harvested to strict environmental guidelines. There is a complete absence of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Pressing the berries by hand in several passes contributes to the levels of essential oils in the pepper being significantly higher than for other types of pepper.

After harvesting the pepper is sun dried, sorted and packaged and subsequently, completely untreated, is shipped without the use of fumigation, irradiation or chemicals.

The Indian producer groups receive an additional 50% above the standard market price for this unique quality.




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