L-Ascorbic Acid – Pure Vitamin C Powder

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      Ascorbic Acid, unlike Sodium Ascorbate is the pure form of Vitamin C,

      Vitamin C is water a soluble vitamin. Because your body doesn’t produce or store vitamin C it is important we need to supplement our diet or with either foods or supplements that contain it in order to maintain adequate levels.

      For adults, the recommended daily amount is between 500mg and 2,000 mg per day. Although too much dietary Vit C is unlikely to be harmful it can cause certain side effect including diarrhea and you will often hear people advising you take vitamin C to ‘Bowel Tolerance’ (This means that if you start to suffer diarrhea, you have taken too much and should therefore take a lower dose next time)

      Vitamin C is an important nutritional component and plays a significant role in a number of bodily functions such as the production of collagen, L-carnitine, and some neurotransmitters. Ascorbic Acid also helps metabolize proteins and is a powerful antoxidant and studies are underway with regard to its natural treatment of cancer.

      Studies show that people with adequate levels of Vitamin C are better prepared to fight off infections compared to those suffering from a deficiency.

      Ascorbic Acid /Viatminc C is also heavily used for when suffering from a cold or flu and is used for may medical ailments including whooping cough.

      What is the difference between Ascorbic Acid and and Sodium Ascorbate?

      Both ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate are forms of Vitamin C, however Sodium Ascorbate is considered a mineral salt. Therefore, while ascorbic acid is the pure form of Vit C, Sodium Ascorbate is the sodium salt of ascorbic acid.

      As well as its numerous health benefits Vit C can also be used as a preservative for food and beverages and has many uses in skin creams and other cosmetic products.


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