Maca Powder – RAW

      Maca Powder – RAW

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      Sun-dried, raw maca powder, suitable for raw food diets.

      Maca Powder comes from the Maca plant which is native to Peru. It is a cruciferous vegetable from the carrot, radish and parsnip family. It has been cultivated and used by the Peruvians for several thousand years, both as a foodstuff and also for its medicinal properties. Maca contains high amounts of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and all the essential amino acids. Maca is an adaptogen so it “adapts” to your body’s metabolism and can help you achieve your optimal level of health and energy.

      Maca is a wonderful superfood as it:

      Improves stamina, vitality and endurance
      Enhances libido, sexual function and fertility
      Regulates women’s hormonal irregularities: menstruation, eases period pains, alleviates menopausal symptoms
      Elevates your mood, rids depression and improves mental ability and concentration
      Increases blood circulation in your skin, giving it a youthful appearance
      Builds muscle due to the natural sterols, especially when you exercise
      Maca enlivens sexual function in both genders
      Helps to overcome fatigue
      Stimulates the immune system

      This Maca is of the highest quality, grown in Peru without the use of any pesticides or herbicides. The highest quality maca root tubers are carefully selected and using a careful drying and grinding process, the fine flour/powder is obtained. This ensures the maca retains all its potency and is easy to use. Maca flour doesn’t contain any type of preservative, colouring or flavouring. It is 100% natural.

      Maca can be sprinkled over cereal, porridge or muesli, mixed into yoghurt (with a touch of honey). Try stirring it into soups, sprinkled on salads, or added to salad dressings. Alternatively, mix into to hot or cold drinks, fruit juices, warm milk & honey. It’s great used in smoothies with bananas, rice milk, cacao nibs and goji berries. Maca has no set dosages, however a heaped tablespoon or two each day is enough to get you going.

      Maca is a natural energizer, both mentally and physically, due to its mineral and alkaloidal content. It can boost energy levels, and is being used as an adjuvant therapy for chronic fatigue. Maca is a powerful tonic that improves physical output in a non-specific way. It reinforces the immune system and increases brain capability, generally improving bodily functions. Its effects are appropriate to the age and sex of the person using it. It has been shown to revitalize men and women of middle and older age both mentally and physically. Maca is also well known for its ability to increase fertility and has long been used by couples seeking to conceive. Maca is known as a ‘herbal viagra’. Traditionally women in the Andes have used Maca to help ease period pains and regulate menstruation. It contains four alkaloids, which nourish the endocrine glands and is a real source of natural vegetal hormones which can help relieve menopausal symptoms such as: tiredness, hot flushes, vaginal dryness, memory disorder, osteoporosis and lowered libido. Maca helps to balance the hormonal system by encouraging the body to produce the hormones it needs.

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