Mistletoe Liquid Extract Tincture – Viscum Alba

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Mistletoe is a perennial, semi-evergreen parasitic plant, growing on the branches of trees and grows in Europe, northwest Africa, and central Asia and Japan. It is also known as Christmas mistletoe, oak mistletoe, druid’s herb, golden bough, holy wood and the kissing bush.

Mistletoe has a long history as an herbal treatment for a wide variety of conditions including delirium, hysteria, neuralgia and nervous debility. it was also used as a heart tonic in typhoid fever.

The herb was traditionally used throughout Europe as a remedy for headaches, dizziness, loss of energy, irritability, arthritic pain, convulsive cough, asthma due to tension. It was believed to be an effective external treatment for leucorrhoea, gout and sciatica.

Herbal practitioners use Mistletoe as a treatment that may help urinary disorders, heart disease, lower blood pressure and heart rate, ease anxiety and as a sleep aid.

Caution: Contraindicated in protein hypersensitivity, gastric ulcers, chronic progressive infections, e.g. tuberculosis.

1:3 Alcohol Volume 25%. Take 10 – 15 drops 2 x daily.

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