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Nigella Sativa Seeds are also commonly referred to as black cumin seeds. You should always ensure that any website you purchase black cumin seeds from also lists the product as Nigella Sativa and not simply black cumin seed or you could end up wasting your money as there is a black cumin seed which is not Nigella Sativa.  Our product is genuine Nigella Sativa and is famous for its numerous health benefits.

The Seeds can be used as they are or you can extract the oils. (Our Black Seed Oil is obtained by cold pressing premium quality Nigella Sativa seeds). The taste is considered slightly bitter with an intense spicy aroma. The colour of the seeds and oils vary from honey to dark brown depending on many natural factors during harvest.

Our black seeds contains approximately:

  • 16 % of saturated fatty acids, about 58 % of linoleic acid,
  • 25 % of oleic acid,
  • less than 1 % of alpha-linolenicacid.

They also comprises eicosenoic acid and eicosadienoic acid, vitamin E (tocopherols), vitamin A (carotenoids), sterols, biotin, and trace elements..

Due to its high content of essential fatty acids and phytosterols, black seed oil has a beneficial effect on our body and has historically been used for cardiovascular diseases, in particular: atherosclerosis, diabetes, obesity, inflammatory and allergic diseases due to it’s high levels of omega-6 fatty acids (n-6 acids). They also lower the level of cholesterol in blood and reduce the ‘bad cholesterol’ absorption, thanks to phytosterols.

In culinary use it should be used with cold dishes such as an addition to salads, soups, sauces etc as it gives the dishes a spicy taste. The Black Seed Oil can simply be drizzled over salads.

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