Stevia Extract Blend Sugar Substitute

Stevia Extract Blend Sugar Substitute

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Stevia Extract Blend. Double sweetness to sugar, 2 cups of sugar = 1 cup of stevia blend. Granule texture – ideal for cooking/baking. Low calorie, low carb, low glycemic, Gluten free, no Maltodextrin, no GMO’s.

Stevia is processed from the “Stevia Rebaudiana” bush – a herb in the Chrysanthemum family which grows wild as a small shrub in parts of Paraguay and Brazil. The glycosides in its leaves, including up to 10% Stevioside, account for its incredible sweetness, making it unique among the nearly 300 species of stevia plants. When the stevia leaves are processed using pure and natural water the result is a snow-white powder called stevioside. It is 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar and sweetens without raising blood sugar levels. It has no carbohydrates or calories and is safe for diabetics as well as persons who suffer from hypoglycemia. Unlike some other brands, Stevia extract has no additives whatsoever and is 100% natural in every sense of the word.

Conventional refined sugar is virtually devoid of nutritional benefits and, at best, represents empty calories in the diet. At worst, it has been implicated in numerous degenerative diseases. Stevia is much sweeter than sugar and has none of sugar’s unhealthy drawbacks.

This stevia contains no carbs, calories or artificial ingredients. Minimum 95% Steviosides 60% Rebaudioside A (the active ingredients that make stevia taste so sweet).

There are indications that stevia has been used to sweeten the native beverage Mate since Pre-Columbian times. However, a Scientist named Antonio Bertoni first recorded its usage by native tribes in 1887. Overseas, where stevia controls over 40% of the sweetener market, you will often find stevia on the kitchen or restaurant table just as you would sugar. Japan uses stevia to sweeten its Diet Coke instead of Nutra Sweet. In Japan, stevia is used to sweeten soy sauce, pickles and soft drinks and it is being used by companies such as coca cola for their products. The Japanese during their evaluation of stevia as a possible sweetening agent performed elaborate safety tests. Few substances have ever yielded such consistently negative results in toxicity trials as have stevia. Almost every toxicity test imaginable has been performed on Stevioside at one time or another. The results are always negative. Brazil, and other South American countries. Korea and China also allow the use of stevia for its soft drinks market.

Unlike the green stevia leaf powder, stevia extract has virtually no aftertaste and does not leave any residue. Some people dislike the taste of stevia leaf powder and those who do will love this extract. Now you can forget about using artificial sweeteners and use a completely natural product extracted from the plant in a completely natural way. The smallest pinch of stevia extract is more than enough to sweeten any cup of tea or coffee so only use very, very small amounts at first to asses the sweetness. A bitter aftertaste is often caused by low quality stevia or simply using too much.

Stevia extract blend is granulated like sugar, dissolves quickly and has a 2:1 double sweetness ratio to sugar, so it is very easy to measure and use as a substitute for conventional sugar. If you choose to use Stevia for baking/cooking, this Stevia Blend is ideal as the granule texture provides bulk (the high stevioside is a finer powder). Also, the Stevia Blend does brown, caramelise and crystallize just like sugar whereas the high stevioside extract does not. Stevia blend has less than 1 calorie and less than 1 carbohydrate per serving making it safe for diabetics and it is often used in hot or cold liquids, sprinkled on cereals and fruit, or in any way that you wish to use.

This stevia blend is a blend of the stevia extract and all natural grain extract, erythritol, which is naturally occuring substance found in a variety of fruits and vegetables and is derived from fermented corn. This gives the stevia blend bulk and produces the granulated texture, unlike the stevia extract which is just a very fine pure powder made with stevia leaves and water. Both products have no additives whatsoever and are 100% natural in every sense of the word.

Natural therapists have been using stevia for many years to regulate blood sugar levels. According to a report on Australia’s national broadcaster ABC (28 June 2002), the herb can be taken in droplet form with meals, bringing blood glucose levels to “near normal”. Users of stevia have also reported lower incidence of colds and flu. The herb can aid in weight loss by reducing appetite and can be used to suppress tobacco and alcohol cravings. This is because stevia leaf contains various vitamins and minerals including vitamins A and C, zinc, rutin, magnesium and iron. Stevia can also be used for skin care as it can be applied to enhance the skin’s appearance or to heal acne, blemishes and skin disorders including dermatitis, eczema and seborrhoea. It can also be used to heal cuts and scratches quickly and without scarring. Stevia may also help with symptoms of diabetes, blood sugar irregularities, sugar intolerance, candida, chronic fatigue syndrom (ME), fibromyalgia (FM), allergies, ulcers and hyperactivity.


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