White Dead Nettle Liquid Extract Tincture – Lamium album

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Lamium album, commonly called white nettle or white dead-nettle, is a flowering plant native throughout Europe and Asia.  The stem is covered in fine hairs and the plant is often mistaken for the common stinging nettle. It may also be known as Archange, Blind Nettle, Snowflake, Stingless Nettle and White Archangel.This herb has been a well-accepted traditional remedy for a number of
health conditions. It contains high amounts of tannins and has been effective for dressing injuries, cuts and burns
owing to its anti-inflammatory as well as astringent attributes. It is also
antispasmodic, depurative (purifying), cholagogue (promote secretion of bile,
expectorant, diuretic, hypnotic (a substance that induces sleep),
haemostatic (any substance that stops or slows down flow of blood),
resolvent (a medicinal substance that alleviates swelling or
inflammation), pectoral (any substance that is good for the chest or
breast), tonic, styptic, sedative, vulnerary (herbs that promote healing
of wounds) and vasoconstrictor (constriction of the blood vessels). It has been used as a remedy and may help urinary bladder and Kidney problems, menstrual disorders, diarrhea, hemorrhages, abnormal vaginal discharges as well as inflammation of the prostate gland. An infusion can also applied topically as compresses to effectively treat varicose veins, piles and ease ophthalmic problems. 100ml 1:3 Alcohol Volume 45%. Take 10 – 15 drops 2 x daily.See what Wikipedia says:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lamium_album

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