Zeolite Powder

Zeolite Powder

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Zeolites are natural volcanic minerals with powerful properties.

Zeolite is a powerful agent for used for detoxing and cleansing the body of impurities and heavy metals. It has a honeycomb-like structure which traps toxins. It has a negative charge which attracts the positive charge of toxins and impurities and rids them from the body within 6-8 hours Many people report feeling increased energy, clarity and vitality after removing heavy metal build-up. It is also very popular as a effective and natural face mask, used in many luxury products and spas.

Zeolite also helps balance the body’s pH levels to a slightly alkaline level (pH 7.35 to 7.45), which is a optimum pH for the human body.

The FDA has listed  Zeolite on the GRAS List (Generally Recognized As Safe.)

This Zeolite Powder (Clinoptilolite) is 100% pure with no added bulking agents.

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